Our Products

Using the traditional five spice-powder (cinnamon, clove, peppercorns, ground fennel seeds, 8-star anise) to season the choicest and freshest ingredients, we have expanded and introduce a fabulous selection for your choice. Keeping traditional fragrance and flavours in mind, our central kitchen ensures every of our handmade Ngoh Hiang items are made fresh daily to meet the demands of our discerning customers.

Ngoh Hiang五香

Item No: 1

Spring Roll春卷

Item No: 2

Prawn & Egg Fritter蛋虾

Item No: 3

Battered Fish鱼肉

Item No: 4

Prawn Fritter虾饼

Item No: 5

Chestnut Pancake马蹄蛋

Item No: 6

Four Colour Roll四色卷

Item No: 7

Fish Ball鱼丸

Item No: 8

Yam Roll芋蘇

Item No: 9

Bean Sprout Fritter豆芽饼

Item No: 10

Squid Dough Fritter油条

Item No: 11

Prawn Roll虾栆

Item No: 12

Liver Roll肝花

Item No: 13

Chicken Roll鸡香卷

Item No: 14

Meat Roll肉香

Item No: 15

Pork Sausage香肠

Item No: 16


Item No: 17

Beancurd Roll豆枝卷

Item No: 17

Prawn Roll Fritter虾枣卷(粉)

Item No: 18

Century Egg/Ginger Slice皮蛋 / 酸姜片

Item No: 20/21

Seafood Roll海鲜卷

Item No: 22

Fish Deli扁香

Item No: 23

Long Bolster Cak长抱枕

Item No: 24

Veg. Fish Roll菜鱼香

Item No: 25

Mushroom Roll香菇卷

Item No: 26

Tau Pok Deli豆薄香

Item No: 27

Veg. Spring Fritter菜香

Item No: 28

Taiwan Sausage台湾香肠

Item No: 29

Fried Beancurd豆干

Item No: 30

Bee Hoon米粉

Item No: 31